Special order & job quotations

Let us handle your day-to-day special order requests and job quotes. We are equipped to manage this process independently from start to finish.

Technical Support

With over 30 years of experience, our inside team is well versed to handle many of the technical questions that arise on a daily basis.

Order processing & expediting

Our inside team is constantly working with our customer partners to ensure orders are processed accurately and shipped in a reasonable time frame.

Data & information management

Our analysts are able to retrieve and dissect sales data and provide meaningful reporting that will help facilitate sales performance discussions.

SKU setup and maintenance

Once we are awarded business, CSM can manage the SKU set up process from beginning to end.

Returns, credits & defectives

Our team is diligent with the RGA process and ensures the return and credit is completed in a timely matter.

Account reconciliation

We are able to navigate through the appropriate accounting contacts to make sure your account is in good standing.