Big Box

Our experience, knowledge and deep-rooted relationships with a number of key retailers have helped build a strong foundation in this channel in order to produce results now and for years to come.


We take a two-pronged approach with the hardware and co-op channel by calling on the corporate offices as well as creating pull through sales at the individual store level.

Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesale & distribution have been the backbone of CSM since day 1. We continue to diversify our customer base and grow our team to exceed our supplier’s expectations.


We’ve built a strong E-Commerce team that understands how to navigate through this channel and put together successful programs and promotions to help drive sales.

Value Store & Grocery Retailers

Our position in the value store and grocery retail market provides our supplier partners with additional opportunities to increase sales with another end-user customer base.


We work with a wide range of specialty retailers ranging from consumer electronics to outdoor recreation to pool supplies and beyond.